Whose Bones Are These?


Hero: Hey there, kitty…
Hero: I se you like the laser. (Even if this isn't where I meant to point it…)
Hero: Maybe you could let Duke out of that tiny little cage?
Hero: I'll play with you some more if you do…
Skratch (Just A Cat): Will you, now?
Hero: Sure. I'll even break out one of those feather toys if you want.
Skratch (Just A Cat): You know, Duke isn't the "Good Boy" he likes to make himself out to be.
Skratch (Just A Cat): Whose bones are those you see scattered throughout these plateaus?
Skratch (Just A Cat): Whose gore splattered across the ground?
Skratch (Just A Cat): Maybe you should ask him…
Skratch (Just A Cat): I wonder if you'll still want to free him so badly.

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