Why are you here?


Hero: Gaspar, what brings you here?
General Gaspar: The Voidrakar presence in the desert has me worried about Bastion's safety.
General Gaspar: So I've come here to speak to Lord Sekt to see if he can provide any assistance to the town.
General Gaspar: But he doesn't seem to think the Voidrakar poses much of a threat.
Hero: Have things gotten bad at Bastion?
General Gaspar: Not yet, thankfully. But one can never be too careful or prepared.
General Gaspar: Have you made any progress with finding the lamp?
Hero: It's… complicated.
Hero: Lord Sekt isn't making things easy in that regard.
General Gaspar: Yeah… that's often the case with him.
General Gaspar: But something needs to be done soon or else this desert will be in a whole mess of trouble…
General Gaspar: And you know how I feel about trouble…

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