Seamstress Extraordinaire
Armor and robes don't always work. You need the right outfit for the right occasion. I've got you covered.

- To The Moon!
- Tailor Scouts!

The Mithril Shears
<Hero>! Do you remember my friends, the Tailor Scouts? Those super-fashionable magical girls who are always ready to save the world?

Well, I'm making new, extra-cute, extra-powerful costumes for them. So cute and powerful, in fact, that I can't finish them without a very special artifact - the Mythril Shears! Tailor Scout Tourmaline is on a mission to find them for me. But I haven't heard from her, and I'm starting to get worried. Would you mind checking on her for me?
- Begin the Adventure!
- Tailor Academy Outfits

- Winnie's Birthday Mystery

Clothing Shops
I cam make all manner of clothing for you! What style are you looking for today?

Sewing Quests
A seamstress is only as good as their materials. I need some supplies to make your items but I'm stuck at the shop. Think you could help me out?
- Fabrics and Leathers
- Needle and Thread
- Supersleuth Quest

- Fashion Crafts
- Supersleuth Crafts
- Garment Shop
- Tailoring Dyes
- Glisel's Birthday Shop
- Glisel's Birthday Crafts

- Lost Spool?
- The Right Clothes

Blue and Gold Fabric? seasonalsmall.png
Blue and Gold Fabric? Yes, I have a lot leftover from making uniforms for citizens of Battleon! Feel free to take some with you.


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