Winnie's Input


Hero: Hi Winnie!
Winnie (Seamstress Extraordinaire): Hi there <Hero>, Can I make you look fantastic today? Well… MORE fantastic anyways.
Hero: Normally I would say absolutely, but today, I am looking for your thoughts on something.
Winnie (Seamstress Extraordinaire): Hmmm… Go on.
Hero: Danicka Rose is opening the Museum again.
Winnie (Seamstress Extraordinaire): I love the museum! I used to go there as a little girl. There is so much to learn there! What do you need from me though?
Hero: Danicka was wondering what should the first Exhibit be? There are so many amazing things around Lore!
Winnie (Seamstress Extraordinaire): Really good point. Let me think on that. Hmmm..


Winnie (Seamstress Extraordinaire): Hmmm… I love Darkovia. Those outfits are amazing. Ashfall had a great color palette.
Hero: Solid points. I agree.
Winnie (Seamstress Extraordinaire): But now the I think on it, I would really like to see an exhibit about Greenguard.
Hero: Greenguard?
Winnie (Seamstress Extraordinaire): You bet! It's such a fascinating and magical place, and I have a fondness for earth tones.
Hero: One vote for Greenguard. Thank for the info, Winnie!
Winnie (Seamstress Extraordinaire): Sure thing! This is so exciting!
Winnie (Seamstress Extraordinaire): I can't believe the Museum is opening up again!

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