Winnie's Stolen Scissors


Winnie: Oh, no. Where could they be ?
Hero: Everything alright, Winnie ?
Winnie: Of course! Why wouldn't they be ?
Winnie: Actually, no. Everything is a catastrophe right now.
Winnie: I've got so much work to do, But I can't get started until I find my scissors!
Hero: Can't you replace them with another pair ?
Winnie: Oh sure, Let me grab a new custom pair of Broadsword-size scissors off the rack from some local shop
Winnie: I designed these scissors myself to help me make quick work of my tailoring needs.
Winnie: And slay the occasional monsters for materials.
Winnie: I could ask Cysero to forge me another pair, But it'll take days for it to be finished.
Hero: So how does a giant pair of scissors go missing ?
Winnie: It must've been taken from my booth while I was on Lunch at Yulgar's.
Winnie: Some birthday this is turning out to be.
Hero: I can't believe someone would steal from you on your Birthday!
Winnie: It sounds far fetched, I know. But it's the only logical explanation.
Winnie: I'd ask around if anyone has seen them, But I can't risk leaving my booth again.
Hero: How about I ask for you ?
Winnie: Really ? You'd snoop around clues and shakedown suspects for leads like a Supersleuth on my behalf ?
Hero: I'm not sure I know how to do any of that, But sure, Why not!
Winnie: Fantastic!
Winnie: You should start by asking the other vendors in the square.

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