Witch Cape

Location: Witchy Crafts - Mystcroft Manor

Sellback: 5 Gold
Level: Required: 1, Scaled: (Your Level -5)
Power: Scaled
Craft Time: 10 Minutes
Speed Up: 25 Dragon Crystals
Description: A short and dark shoulder wrap, frayed from ages of casting spells at the mercy of the elements. There is even a small acid burn on this cape — evidence of a magical experiment gone awry. This is no matter however as this robe still provides a small evasion boots to its wearer.
Set Piece: Witch Set

Type Bonus
Evasion Scaled
Crit Scaled
Haste Scaled


  • Used to craft Spooky Witch Cape.
  • This item becomes scaled to your current level once (with a level penalty of 5) when you obtain it.
    • This level penalty cannot reduce item's scaled level under its required level.
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