Wolfwing's Lair

Dungeon Level: 31+ (Scaled)
Difficulty: Challenge
Recommended Players: 5
Face off with WolfWing, formerly known as ShadowSlayer W. He has retreated to his lair and is gathering the power of the Blood Moon.


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Lobby: WolfWing's Lair Lobby
Access Points:

Party Size: 5


  • During Phase I; Wave 1 Wolfwing The Exiled reaches 75% health enters the Wave 2, becoming either Vampiric Wolfwing or Howling Wolfwing.
    • Respectively reaching 50% health enters the Wave 4, becoming the opposite transformation of the Wave 2.
    • Vampiric Wolfwing reaching 50% health reduces the player vision until is changed back to Wolfwing The Exiled.
    • Howling Wolfwing uses a weaker version of the 'True power of the Blood Moon' attack when reached 50% health.
  • After reaching 25% health Wolfwing The Exiled enters into a Phase II.
  • Bloodlusted WolfWing starts to use the 'True power of the Blood Moon' attack more frequently when reaching the remaning health (75%, 50% and 25%) respectively.
  • During 'True power of the Blood Moon' each platform will spawn a white summoning circle gathering then grants the 'Blessed!' protecting from the deadly attack.
    • The white summoning circle works only for one player; requiring each player to spread out to different platforms.
  • Dying during the challenge takes the player to a Shadow Area, killing all the monsters appears a portal that brings back to the Wolfwing fight.
    • The more the party dies more monsters will spawn taking more time to go back to the fight.

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