Workload Lessened


Help Makai 187 (Customer Service): I must say, I am incredibly grateful for your help!
Help Makai 187 (Customer Service): Our workload is at least 50% more manageable now.
Hero: Does that mean you'll help us out now?
Help Makai 187 (Customer Service): Yes, yes… one moment while I locate your friend's file.
Help Makai 187 (Customer Service): F… Frank… Franklin… ah, here it is.
Help Makai 187 (Customer Service): Oh, my. This is quite embarrassing.
Hero: What's wrong?
Help Makai 187 (Customer Service): It turns out Mr. Franklin really ISN'T supposed to be here!
Help Makai 187 (Customer Service): In fact, he shouldn't be in this part of the Oversoul at ALL.
Hero: "This part" of the Oversoul?
Help Makai 187 (Customer Service): You know, The whole… eternal torment, circles of heck, harvesting souls side of things.
Hero: Isn't that like, the entire thing?
Help Makai 187 (Customer Service): Of course not! The Oversoul is a vast and beautiful realm! Step outside these halls and you'll find rolling hills, quaint villages…
Hero: Right. Just your standard, idyllic fantasy.
Dage the Evil (Sword of the Undead Legion): IT IS TRUE. THIS ENTIRE REALM WAS ONCE THAT WAY.
Hero: Oh wow, for real?
Hero: But… how did Franklin end up here, then?
Franklin (Totally Innocent): I've got no idea, man!
Franklin (Totally Innocent): I fell asleep back home, and then when I woke up… here I was!
Help Makai 187 (Customer Service): Our sincere apologies, Franklin. I will fix this immediately.
Help Makai 187 (Customer Service): Here, take this Soul Gem.
Help Makai 187 (Customer Service): With it, you can open the Infinite Maw and access our travel network.
Hero: Wait, wait, wait…
Hero: So you're telling me if I have this Soul Gem, I can CHOOSE where to go?
Hero: It's not gonna just spit me out wherever it feels like?
Help Makai 187 (Customer Service): Yes, of course! How else would w all get around?
Hero: Oh, for… I can't believe we've wasted so much time!
Hero: Thank you, Help Makai. You've been, uh… very helpful.

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