Xenoscythe Queen Is No More


James McAllister: With the Queen dead, the Hive will die.
James McAllister: It might take a while, though, so… you know…
James McAllister: Make sure none of your people fly to the Moon for a few years.
Hero: I don't think that's something we'll have to worry about.
James McAllister: You never know. YOU made it here.
James McAllister: You should go, though. Unless you want to kill some more Xenos, I guess.
Hero: But what about you? Don't you still need to work on your ship?
James McAllister: That feels a lot less urgent now. It's not like I need the life support…
James McAllister: I'm thinking I might work on my suit, instead.
James McAllister: I could use a little more structural integrity.
Hero: Like a robot?
James McAllister: Hmm. Is that what I am now?
James McAllister: I suppose I'm not James McAllister anymore.
Hero: What should I call you, then?
James McAllister: Call me what my crew did. J6.

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