Xenoscythe Spaceship

Dungeon Level 5+ (Scaled)
Difficulty: Challenge
Recommended Players: 5

''The Grundle'' is a crashed ship from outer space. The aliens have mutated our undead killer into the unstoppable Shrade X. If you can lure him into the Engine Room, the radiation there may be able to weaken him enough to take him out. Do you have what it takes to survive this alien horror?


  • N/A



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Lobby: Camp Gonnagetcha
Party Size: 5
Dungeon Key Cost: N/A


  • The main objective of this dungeon is to work as a team to find the 8 missing Levers to get into the Engine Room.
  • After you pull the 4th/last lever make sure to Defeat all the Monsters surrounding the Levers until they no longer spawn around it.

Outside Engine Room

Inside Engine Room

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