Yokai Cliffs Battle - Challenge

Dungeon Level 27+ (Scaled)
Difficulty: Challenge
Recommended Players: 5
The spirit of the ocean has been enraged! Weather the storm and claim your prize.


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Lobby: Yokai Cliffs
Access Points:

Party Size: 5


  • Ryujin's Frost Beam attack, consists of a narrow attack down the middle of the arena where Ryujin is facing. By standing in this attack, players will be 'Protected' from the Lightning Storm attack that follows afterwards, which can deal up to 2000+ damage to all players that were not frozen in the entire attack-able area.
  • Ryujin's Storm Surge attack, consists of a series of three attacks which splits the entire attack-able area into three. This attack starts on the left with a slower casting time, followed by the middle and right in quick succession.

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