You Did It!


George Lowe (Chronomancer): Good job, tiger! You did it!
George Lowe (Chronomancer): You have completely… wholeheartedly… succeeded at doing NOTHING!
Hero: Hey! That was actually harder than it sounds.
George Lowe (Chronomancer): You don't have to tell me, chief. I've been doing nothing for hours.
George Lowe (Chronomancer): And you helped!
Hero: I don't get it. How did I help?
George Lowe (Chronomancer): You KILLED TIME for me, of course!
George Lowe (Chronomancer): Now I have all this dead time to take back to the guild.
Hero: What guild?
George Lowe (Chronomancer): The Time Mage Guild, of course.
Hero: Wait… so you're REALLY a Chronomancer?
George Lowe (Chronomancer): You never know! I might be!

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