You need a healer.


Guardian General: Don't worry about me… this CHEST is all that they want.
Hero: Why do they want it so much? What's in the chest?
Guardian General: I don't know. You don't need to know either.
Guardian General: But if they get it, this world… many worlds… may die.
Guardian General: You MUST get it to the village over there!


Hero: You mean, the one that dragon just blasted to ash?
Guardian General: Know what? Forget the village.
Guardian General: Take this to the Guardian Tower in Battleon. Make SURE that the Guardians get it!
Hero: How do I get there from here?
Guardian General: You will find a sneevil named Gaz up ahead. He owes me a favor and he is headed to Battleon.
Guardian General: He SHOULD give you a ride if you tell him that I sent you.
Hero: I will not fail!

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