Your Weapon Forged


Hero: Oh, WOW! Look at this gorgeous blade!
Hero: It's everything I've ever wanted! It's… (Sniff) It's perfect!
Hero: Poniard… You've don so much for me. There's got to be some way I can repay you.
Poniard (Pensive Blacksmith): Perhaps there is.
Poniard (Pensive Blacksmith): I wouldn't mind crafting a weapon of my own.
Hero: Whaaaat? YOU?
Hero: Have I really changed your mind that quickly? Got you riled up and ready to fight?
Poniard (Pensive Blacksmith): Hmm… well, I wouldn't say THAT…
Poniard (Pensive Blacksmith): After all, a weapon can take more than one form.
Poniard (Pensive Blacksmith): Help me forge it, <Hero>. I think you'll understand.

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