Yulgar's Inn? (Cutscene)


«Scene: The Hero enters the inn and speaks with the hostess»

Serenity (Innkeeper-In-Training): Yulgar's Inn has quite a reputation for drawing in adventurers!
Serenity (Innkeeper-In-Training): We've had some of the world's greatest heroes walk through these doors…
Serenity (Innkeeper-In-Training): I was just hired to work here… it is so exciting!
Serenity (Innkeeper-In-Training): Yulgar teaching me everything he knows about running an inn!

Hero: You're new here? What did you do before this?
Serenity (Innkeeper-In-Training): I… don't talk much about my past. I actually don't remember much of it.
Serenity (Innkeeper-In-Training): But if you are looking for adventure, fame, or treasure… you have come to the right place!

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