Yulgar's Input


Yulgar (Innkeeper): Greetings, traveler! Care for a room for the night?
Hero: Not today, my good man. Right now I am looking for information from you.
Yulgar (Innkeeper): I don't know who told you but I swear it was self defense!
Hero: What?!? No no no. I'm here to get your OPINION on something.
Yulgar (Innkeeper): My OPINION is the it was self defense.
Hero: Forget all that. Have you heard that Danicka Rose is re-opening the Battleon Museum?
Yulgar (Innkeeper): She is? That's fantastic! She was in here last week, and never said anything about it! What does she need?
Hero: Well, what she really needs is help picking the first exhibit. There are so many amazing locations around Lore-
Yulgar (Innkeeper): Greenguard.
Hero: You don't want to think about it a bit?
Yulgar (Innkeeper): Nope.
Hero: Sure about that?
Yulgar (Innkeeper): As sure as I am that it was self defense.
Hero: Thanks, uh, for the input Yulgar. You have a great day.
Yulgar (Innkeeper): Ok then, my friend. I'll see you later!

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