Yulgar's Introduction


Yulgar (Innkeeper): Greetings! Welcome to Yulgar's Inn!
Hero: Hi, Yulgar. It's me.
Yulgar (Innkeeper): <hero>? Is that you? All I see is the HERO of Dragonwatch Keep!
Hero: About that… The villagers that we saved will need a place to stay for a while.
Yulgar (Innkeeper): Hmmm. Space in the inn might be a little cramped… but not to worry.
Yulgar (Innkeeper): There's always room for friends of <hero>'s at Yulgar's Inn.
Hero: Thanks. I appreciate that.
Yulgar (Innkeeper): It's no problem. Heroes come from all over to eat, drink and tell stories…
Yulgar (Innkeeper): … and YOUR adventuring tales always draw a crowd!
Yulgar (Innkeeper): I'd ask you to stay and rest but Guardian Alister has asked to see you.
Hero: I'd better go make my report at Guardian Tower. Thanks, Yulgar.

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