Zard Hunter Introduction

Locations/Replays: Upon entering the Frogzard Hunter Challenge.

The Zardhunter (Naturalist): G'day! Ready to begin?
Hero: Begin… what?
The Zardhunter (Naturalist): I'm about to study these frogzards in their natural habitat!
The Zardhunter (Naturalist): And you, lucky dog, get to be my assistant!
Hero: I guess learning more never hurts.
The Zardhunter (Naturalist): TOO RIGHT! Now, you must approach the Frogzard with extreme caution…
The Zardhunter (Naturalist): …and when you make a grab at it, do not grab the teeth!
« The Hero then becomes audibly and visibly shocked at what happens to the Zardhunter. »
The Zardhunter (Naturalist): CRIKEY!
The Zardhunter (Naturalist): Mistakes were made.
Hero: BOOK AND BLADE! Stand still, I'll knock that thing off you!
The Zardhunter (Naturalist): NO! Everything is a opportunity to learn.
The Zardhunter (Naturalist): I've got a great view of this beauty's digestive tract!
The Zardhunter (Naturalist): Although… it is… a bit… excruciatingly… painful…
Hero: I guess learning more CAN hurt.
The Zardhunter (Naturalist): You just make sure none of these other rascals jump us while I'm… busy.

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