Zhoom is Back


Hero: That Sand Witch is toast…ed… toasted…
Hero: I really need to workshop that one.
Zhoom: I agree. It wasn't your best.
Hero: Zhoom! You're alive!
Zhoom: Yes, thanks to you.
Zhoom: I was unable to escape from the Sand Witch's clutches until you've defeated her.
Zhoom: Can't believe she got the jump on me.
Zhoom: Luckily for us, she underestimated your ability.
Hero: And with her gone, the Sandsea should be a safer place.
Hero: …Relatively safer, anyway.
Zhoom: If it means and end yo vindictive curses and safer travel for the caravan, then I'd say so.
Zhoom: With that said, I better return to camp to check on my people.
Zhoom: YOu should hurry back to Fahad and give him the good news.
Hero: You got it! See you soon, Zhoom.

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