Zhoom is Gone


Zhoom: The Sand Witch knows we're coming.
Zhoom: We must proceed with extreme caution.
Hero: Got it. I'll keep aware of my surroundings as if I had eyes in the back of my head.
Hero: Which would be really sweet to have since no one would be able to get the jump on me.
Hero: But, come to think of it, it would be a pretty odd thing to have, too.
Hero: Like, I'd have to get all my helmets custom made…
Hero: And haircuts seem like they'd be a nightmare, don't you think?
Hero: Zhoom?
Hero: Where did you?!
Hero: Oh no… the Sand Witch must have snatched him when I wasn't looking!
Hero: Curse my fate of only having one set of eyes.
Hero: Can't fret about that now…
Hero: I need to find Zhoom before it's too late!

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