Zhoom's Bow (Cutscene)


Hero: Why are you so fixated on Zhoom's Bow?
Lord Sekt: I have a long history with those who have wielded that bow…
Lord Sekt: And it's the reason why I am to reside within my temple for the remainder of my eternal life.
Hero: How come?
Lord Sekt: Long ago, at the start of my reign as God-king of the sandsea…
Lord Sekt: I would lead my army into battle to claim every inch of the desert under my control.
Lord Sekt: I assumed my immortality meant I could not be harmed.
Hero: Oooh, yeah, lemme tell ya, that's not how that works.
Lord Sekt: Yes, I learned that the hard way when an arrow pierced my heart.
Lord Sekt: It was then I also realized that my "immortality" was conditional.
Lord Sekt: Apparently, I'm only immortal when I'm inside my temple…
Lord Sekt: That arrow would have killed me had I not been rushed back to my temple.
Lord Sekt: To make matters worse, my body does not regenerate. So the injury persists.
Lord Sekt: Thus, I am now forced to stay within this temple or else succumb to the mortal wound from that arrow.
Lord Sekt: And do you know to what bow that arrow came from?
Hero: Zhoom's Bow?
Lord Sekt: Correct. It was Zhoom's ancestor that shot that arrow…
Lord Sekt: And everyone who has wielded that bow since has led a rebellion against me.
Lord Sekt: As a result, the bow has become a symbol for those who oppose me.
Hero: I get now why you want that bow so badly.
Lord Sekt: That is why Zhoom must be the last of his line…
Lord Sekt: And for his precious family bow to hang on my wall to let everyone know what happens to those who oppose me.

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