Zhoom the Assassin?


Hero: You know, I've heard some rumors about you being an assassin…
Hero: Is there any truth to that?
Zhoom: What you've heard is nothing more than lies spread by Sekt.

Zhoom: He wishes to vilify me and the other rebels in any way possible.
Hero: So you're not an expert assassin?
Zhoom: Well, that's a loaded question…

Zhoom: Am I a highly skilled marksman? Yes.
Zhoom: Am I an adept combatant with a blade? Yes.
Zhoom: Am I able to slip in and out of the shadows undetected? Yes.

Zhoom: And have I used all of those abilities to take down foes? Also yes.
Zhoom: But does all of that make me an assassin? That I cannot say.
Hero: It kind of sounds like it does, though.

Zhoom: Hmm… You may have a point there.

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