Zhoom the Rebel Leader


Hero: So you're the leader of the Rebels?
Zhoom: You seem suprised.
Zhoom: Though the wanted posters in Bastion don't do a great job of capturing my likeness.

Hero: You know about those?
Zhoom: Yes, and how you put up the most recent batch.
Hero: Yeah… Sorry about that…

Hero: And about beating up your rebels…
Zhoom: It's in the past. Besides, my soldiers returned home relatively unscathed.
Zhoom: General Gaspar tends to hold back when in conflict with us, as curious as that may sound…

Zhoom: Though I cannot say the same for you.
Hero: I saw people invading the town and wanted to help Gaspar protect the townsfolk.
Zhoom: That's understandable.

Hero: Why did you attack the town?
Zhoom: "Attack" is not the correct word.
Zhoom: Rather, the fight was a diversion so that others could collect goods from our allies in the town.

Hero: So it was all a show?
Zhoom: In a manner of speaking.
Zhoom: It's importanat to keep up appearances so that our allies in town do not come under Sekt's scrutiny.

Hero: Well, now I feel even worse for beating up some of your rebels.
Zhoom: It's okay, <Hero>. All wounds heal… Even the ones you inflicted on my soldiers…
Hero: Yeah… Again, sorry about that.

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