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Live Events Moglin
Did you manage to catch some events going on around Battleon or other areas around Lore? I'öö trade you itmes or ranks for your Live Event Coins!

About Live Events
Live events are when the devs hop in game to spawn monsters and drop chests containing live event coins and other prizes. They are random, unscripted, and can happen at any time.

Live Event Coins?
During the live event, the dev hosting it will occasionally drop treasure chests which contain a Live Event Coin. They are very rare and valuable. Trade your coins in for prize items or live event ranks

Live Event Coins are the primary reward if live events. Well, other tahn being part of something special and fun. Monsters spawned during a live event do not drop loot, nor do they give XP or gold… This is because the devs can (and will) spawn ANYTHING-- including things that should not be in the game any more.

Live Event Ranks
Have some extra Live Event Coins and want to show off how many events you have been to? Turn some in to increase your rank.

Live Event Ranks are intended to be unlocked slowly over a very long period of time. Use your Live Event Coins to unlock items in the shop you want first before using your extras to increase your rank.

- Live Event Coin Shop

Live Event Rank Quests available at Yulgar's Inn
Want to increase your Live Event Rank? Meet me at Yulgar's Inn and I'll give you the quests there-
- Teleport to Yulgar's Inn

Community Items
Our community is full of so many fun and creative people. I'll trade your tokens in exchange for items from heroes of the community.
- Community Shop


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