Zip's Cabin


Zip (Cabin Counselor): Welcome to our cabin, <Hero>!
Hero: Can you tell me what makes the cabins different?
Zip (Cabin Counselor): Sure! I'd be happy to tell you why our cabin is the best cabin!
Zip (Cabin Counselor): Here, we stand for friendship, fun and… above all.. loyalty.
Zip (Cabin Counselor): Do you know what loyalty is?
Hero: Yes.
Zip (Cabin Counselor): Loyalty means doing everything in your power to help everyone have the most FUN at Camp Gonnagetcha…
Zip (Cabin Counselor): … Even if it hurts. Even if it hurts TERRIBLY!
Hero: I don't know. That sounds a little brainwashy to me.
Hero: More like fanaticism or zealotry than loyalty.
Zip (Cabin Counselor): Loyalty also means not questioning the counselors, <Hero>.
Zip (Cabin Counselor): Especially Dottie. Never EVER question Dottie…

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