Zom-BAE Beleen Outro


Beleen (Pretty Pinkomancer): Man… Dating is bad enough these days!
Beleen (Pretty Pinkomancer): But those deadbeats in the zombie dating scene really BITE… Hee hee!
Beleen (Pretty Pinkomancer): I just hope Evette has a good protection spell.
Beleen (Pretty Pinkomancer): They say you can't beat a good love story, but <Hero> was swinging like a cupid berserker!
Beleen (Pretty Pinkomancer): Maybe we should make a spin-off series called The Shame-Walking Dead!
Beleen (Pretty Pinkomancer): If you loved that one to death like I did… Wait 'till you see the next cursed B-Horror game!
Win Screen: You have won Zom-BAE!
Win Screen: …You also unlocked a special performance of the song "Kill the Beast."
Win Screen: This is a song premiere from Aurelio's Voltaire's upcoming album… The Black Labyrinth!
Win Screen: After the show, return to the 20th anniversary lobby to begin the NEXT ADVENTURE!

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