Guardian OathMaster
I'm always here to assist you and all the other Guardians. Do you have any questions about the Tower?

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Guardian Book
Each Guardian Tower has a Guardian Book of its own. It holds our oath as well as tales of some the Great Guardian. Every Guardian hopes to one day perform an act so great that it gets recorded in the Guardian Book. Every Guardian has the right to look through the book. Go ahead, just be careful.

The Library is to your right. Being a Guardian is more than just knowing how to swing a sword and the library contains everything from texts on our Guardian magic to histories of some of the greatest battles in Lore's history. There are books there that you won't find anywhere else! Aristotle, the Tower Lore Keeper, looks after the books like they were his own children.

The Armory is to your left. Fortes is our Master of Arms and he runs the armory. If you need to craft some new guardian armor or weapons, then he is your man. He also keeps track of every weapon in the tower's arsenal so if Battleon ever comes under attack, we can rush to its defense as fast and well armed as possible.

War Room
The War Room is upstairs. You will find Tower Commander Erik there with his war council. They run the day to day operations of the tower, maintain peace here in town and coordinate larger efforts with the other Guardian Towers. Erik is also a Great Guardian with the a tale of his own in the Guardian Book!

There are two portals here in the tower. The one behind me is the portal to the Hall of Secrets. Only Sworn Guardians may enter. The portal upstairs in the War Room leads to some more dangerous places but places where a Guardian's skill is required. We go where we are needed.

Combat Vault
You can find the Combat Vault through a door to the left in the Armory. That is where Combat Trainer Tyr will test and judge your fighting skills and report them to Rendia. Most of our martial combat skills are taught and learned in that room.

Magic Sanctum
The Magic Sanctum is through a door to the right in the Library. This is where we do most of our magical training. Lyrias is the Guardian Magic Trainer and he is in charge of the practical uses of magic here in the tower. He reports directly to Spirian but he's usually too busy tinkering with magic to leave the Sanctum.

You'll find the stables to the left and through the Armory. Wane and his son train and look after the tower's mounts and livestock. When couriers arrive from other Guardian Towers on horseback, Wane make sure that the mount is watered, fed, rested, and groomed before setting off again. He even knows some medicine and healing magic just for his animals.

Hall of Secrets
This is a special area just for Sworn Guardians. That is Guardians who have signed the Guardian Book and have become recognized members of the order. Remember that what you see inside is a secret and you must tell no one!

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Location: Guardian Tower

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